We help companies, regardless of size or sector, find solutions to complex problems and turn their ideas into sustainable value.
Our business experience, innovation expertise, models, tools and frameworks, help companies stay ahead of their competitors, disrupt markets, and deliver the outcomes they need for long-term success.  
Business is an infinite journey and our approach to management consultancy and Innovation means much more than creating slide decks or using jargon or technology buzzwords. Any organisation, team or person has the capability to solve problems and turn their ideas into sustainable value by changing the interaction between people, process, technology and culture - and we want to create the conditions for success.
We know what it takes to make things happen. We can help companies, organisations, teams and people unlock their innovation potential and turn their ideas into sustainable value. We understand the business of innovation, accelerating innovation, creating an innovation culture, making innovation contagious, user-supplier collaboration, embedding innovation, marketing innovation, managing innovation and measuring innovation.


We offer customer-centric consultancy using our expertise, models, and frameworks to help our customers create value.

Counter-intuitively, we define success as being able to step away, knowing our customers have embedded a standalone capability without the need for further consultancy.

Innovation Club

As part of our business purpose, we have launched the Interimconsult  Innovation Club for people interested in innovation.

The Innovation Club offers regular webinars as well as access to White Papers, tools and templates. Standard membership is free, but members can upgrade to get access to our IC Unlock 1-2-1 monthly sessions, which focus on their unique innovation challenges.


We provide innovation mentoring for leaders and a suite of professional development courses centred around innovation. Each course can be tailored to business, board and executive team requirements.

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