Making Innovation Happen

Interimconsult is a purpose-led company. We believe that all organisations, regardless of size or sector, should be able make innovation happen by turning their ideas into sustainable value. Value creation is the most important outcome of innovation.

Innovation is essential for all organisations that want to stay ahead of their competitors, create and disrupt markets, and deliver the outcomes needed to succeed. We recognise that businesses and organisations need to continuously innovate to ensure they are sustainable.

We believe that innovation is more than a technology buzzword – any organisation, team or person has the capability to turn their ideas into sustainable value.

To deliver our purpose, we have developed the Making Innovation Happen (MIH) Framework to help companies, organisations, teams and people unlock their innovation potential and turn their ideas into sustainable value. We explore innovation using several themes – the business of innovation, accelerating innovation, creating an innovation culture, making innovation contagious, user-supplier collaboration, embedding innovation, marketing innovation, managing innovation and measuring innovation.

IC Innovation Club

As part of our purpose, we have launched the IC Innovation Club – a club for people to have access to webinars and innovation tools.

The IC Innovation Club offers regular innovation webinars as well as access to White Papers, tools and templates. Standard membership is free, but members can upgrade to get access to our IC Unlock 1-2-1 monthly sessions, which focus on their unique innovation challenges.


We also offer consultancy services building on the MIH Framework. Using the Framework, we offer 1–3 month tailored programmes for your business to help you make innovation business-as-usual alongside specific innovation consultancy assignments.

Counter-intuitively, we define success as being able to step away, knowing our customers have embedded a standalone capability to continuously innovate.

Innovation Resources

You can find out more about Interimconsult’s Innovation offer here and by listening to our podcasts.

Strictly Come Dancing – A Contagious Innovation The IC Innovation Club Talking Innovation

Many organisations have a plethora of great ideas but are unable to turn these ideas into some form of value. Innovations do not catch on and their potential impact is lost. The harsh reality is that it does not matter how good an idea is, there are a multitude of reasons why some innovations are not contagious. Connecting infection duration, opportunities, transmission and susceptibility is what we describe as joining the contagious innovation dots. And Strictly Come Dancing is a great example of how to join the dots to create a contagious and innovative franchise.
  1. Strictly Come Dancing – A Contagious Innovation
  2. The Making Innovation Happen Framework
  3. Defining Innovation
  4. Introduction to the IC Innovation Club
  5. Making Innovation Happen In Rail

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