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Creating industry, company and team tipping points to make change stick


Delivering business outcomes with impact in complex environments

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen

Michael Jordan

Making It Happen

We deliver business outcomes with impact in complex situations involving the interaction of people, process, technology, and culture.

We use our expertise, models and tools to make positive change that sticks, increases innovation, and turns ideas into sustainable value – in its widest sense.

By working in collaboration on real and complex challenges, we also embed new capability in our clients so they can stand alone without the need for ongoing support.

This collaborative model increases the certainty, scale and pace of delivering business outcomes with impact.

  • Increasing Innovation Using Outcome-Based Contracts
    The capability to innovate, both independently and through collaboration, is an essential requirement in any organisation. On large projects where many companies and stakeholders must work together, innovating with impact can be hard, especially given the strong link between culture and innovation. A shared purpose and collaborative culture that reflects each participant’s own cultures needs to be established and aligned to promote, facilitate, and embed a sustainable ‘system of innovation’.
  • Innovation Tipping Points
    At its simplest, innovation is: “Turning Ideas Into Sustainable Value” Innovation is essential for all organisations that want to stay ahead of their competitors, create and disrupt markets, and deliver the outcomes needed to succeed. A business or organisation that does not recognise the need to innovate, or is not continuously innovating as part of its day-to-day business, is not sustainable.
  • The Plan for Rail – A Tipping Point for the Rail Industry?
    The Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail is a welcome step forward for the rail industry and provides a platform for transformational change The railway can be part of re-engineering the economy – to build back better, achieve net-zero and increase affordability means we need to create tipping points that bring about irreversible and positive change.
  • Increasing Productivity to Reduce Climate Change and Improve Living Standards
    Put simply, productivity improvements reduce carbon. If less activity is needed to do the same or more, it means that less carbon is needed to do the same or more.

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