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Welcome to our latest online event, where we will delve into the intriguing topic of whether experiential diversity can boost innovation. You can find out how embracing diverse perspectives and backgrounds has led to groundbreaking ideas and solutions, and what this might mean for your organisation.

Following the event you will receive the Interimconsult White Paper on Experiential Diversity and Innovation.

When thinking about diversity, we should recognise that our whole lived experiences and frames of reference are much wider than those just associated with our own demographic and cognitive diversity. Our unique experiences as human beings, our sliding door moments, and the phenomenon of serendipity make us what we are today, shaping and limiting the way we see the world, consciously and unconsciously.

But when we bring different people with different experiences together, the collective experience increases. Silo-based thinking is reduced and frames of reference changed, creating an increase in the collective capability to innovate..

The challenge for businesses and organisations is how to ensure that experiential diversity is valued and not suppressed by organisational culture, or by forming echo chambers that constrain diverse thinking. The narrower the range of collective experience, the more limited the innovation opportunities.

Just interacting by adopting ‘the water cooler approach’ is not enough. The environment for doing normal work, away from the water cooler, should be one that fosters innovation - all day, every day.

The best results come from being proactive and creating new opportunities that bring people with different experiences together, to share knowledge and perspectives, and leverage their collective wisdom. 

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Dr Paul Corcoran, PhD, MBA, CEng, MIET

Paul is the Founder and Managing Director of Interimconsult who specialise in providing innovation, AI, and complex programme consultancy services. He has worked at Board and Executive level with multinationals, SMEs and start-ups in the technology arena across several sectors including transportation, infrastructure, defence, and education. Paul managed the delivery of one of the core components of the UK’s Industrial Strategy - the Rail Sector Deal - on behalf of the Rail Supply Group, a partnership between government and industry. He is a member of the Institute of Directors Expert Advisory Group on Science, Innovtion, and Technology and has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and MBA.