Interimconsult Turns 2 Years Old

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Interimconsult is 2 Years Old!

And the second year has seen the business evolve and grow, taking some exciting steps forward as we continue our journey and deliver our purpose of making innovation happen to deliver outcomes with impact.

Making Innovation Happen

One of our most exciting advances has been the development of our unique Making Innovation Happen Framework and launch of the IC Innovation Club to help companies, organisations, teams and people who are struggling to unlock their potential to turn ideas into sustainable value.

Becoming a member can help businesses and organisations increase their capacity and capability to innovate. Members can come from any industry, business or different sized organisations – we know that ideas can come from anywhere. Organisations can take up a number of corporate membership places for their employees or even a third party – such as a partner organisation or supplier, creating their own innovation clusters.

This has been complemented by the launch of our first Interimconsult Insights White Papers, podcasts and IC Explore meetings on innovation themes.

We have worked with our clients on a range of activities:

… programme management for the Rail Supply Group to help deliver the Rail Sector Deal between industry and government, including the launch of the Rail Supply Group’s industry-wide Work Pipeline Visibility Charter and development of a Supply Chain Capability Mapping tool

…. market strategy development for SMEs

… tech start-up and microbusiness business consultancy services

… data marketplaces

… satellite applications in rail

… productivity measurement

… the digital railway   

… the BEIS Help to Grow Mentoring scheme.

Our Social Impact

We are equally proud of our social impact:

At the start of our second year we made a 1% Make a Difference Commitment, where 1% of our revenue (yes that’s sales not profit) is donated to charities and our local community in the East Midlands.

The commitment helps remind our team every day that everything we do can help make a difference and I’m delighted to say that it’s something we will be continuing throughout the next year. The effects of Covid-19 and current conflicts are huge and create enormous uncertainty about the future, and whilst our support might only be a drop in the ocean, hopefully it will make a difference in some way. 

This year we have supported the following charities:

Rail Aid, The Samaritans, Epilepsy Action, Treetops Hospice, Broxtowe Community Projects, The National Association of Child Contact Centres.

People and Partners

… the number of affiliate consultants and suppliers to co-deliver programmes as part of a team has increased, making it easier to scale up our services.

… we now have a full-time permanent Research Consultant who is playing an integral role in the development of the Making Innovation Happen Framework and launching the IC Innovation Club.

… our first part-time temporary employee has left …  but it’s good news. We provided support to help secure the role he aspired to at a blue-chip multi-national business. We’re delighted to have played a small part in helping his career get off to a great start.

And finally, thanks to all of our customers, our team, partners and affiliates – we wouldn’t be in business without your support.

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