Making A Difference

Our Values

Fairness – we will treat people in a way that is right and reasonable

Integrity – we will deliver our promises, be honest and admit our mistakes

Candour – we will challenge directly and be considerate in all situations

Collaboration – we will work with people to succeed together

Compassion – we will show kindness and take action to improve lives

We Are Making a Difference

We have made a 1% Make a Difference Commitment where 1% of our total sales will be used to directly fund charities and support our local community. It might only be small sums but hopefully it will grow as our business grows and make a positive difference in some way. 

Our Make a Difference Contributions

The donation sums below are those we have made since April 2021.

We do not publish exact values but if you would like further information please contact

These sums were last updated on 2nd May 2022.


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