Innovation Club Resources

We want to help organisations to unlock their innovation potential by turning ideas into sustainable value.

One of our initiatives has been establishing the IC Innovation Club which provides a suite of resources for free. We hold free to join webinars and roundtables to discuss different aspects of innovation that may be of interest to other IC Innovation Club members.

This is one of our Making A Difference commitments.

We also contribute 1% of all of our sales to charities and community causes.

All the work of the IC Innovation Club is wholly funded by Interimconsult.

By completing the form below you can access our initial set of IC Innovation Club resources, including our IC Insights White Papers, Making Innovation Happen Primers, podcasts and, importantly, selected external references to innovation reports.

We would like to create a community of people interested in innovation so if you would like to suggest webinar or roundtable themes or add additional content such as links to reports, references or podcasts that might help organisations unlock their innovation potential, please let us know by emailing us at:

We will review the content for suitability and add it to our resources platform if appropriate.

Note: we do not publish advertisements or promotional material – we want to create an innovation resource hub, accessible for free by IC Innovation Club Members to help them turn their ideas into sustainable value.

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We are a business with purpose.

We have committed to donate 1% of our customer sales to support charities and our community

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