How Do We Work?

Assignments and contracts can be based on any one or combination of the following types of agreement.

We are flexible and fair in the way we work with clients and can offer a range of different options.

Rates and prices can be structured to match the nature of the work, organisational context and outcome incentives.

Emerging Cost

Suited to ongoing service delivery where the scope and nature of the assignment is expected to change over time. Charges are based on agreed daily rates, materials and expenses.


Ultimately success is measured in terms of both hard and soft outcomes. Outcomes-based contracting ensures ‘real skin in the game’ and can be combined, with either or both, emerging cost and fixed price work. Typically, this will involve a bonus or rebate linked to achievement of outcomes at defined points in time.

Fixed Price

Best used for a clearly defined scope of works and where the customer wants price certainty. The price will only change if the scope of works changes, and this will always be agreed in advance. Payment profiles will be agreed at the outset and invoices based on milestone completion.

Terms and Conditions

Our approach to contract agreements is that terms, conditions and obligations should be clear, fair, balanced and reasonable, reflecting the particular requirements of both parties.

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